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School Director's Welcome

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Dear Reader

Welcome to our PSS Website; welcome to you as a virtual guest to our school. During this “visit” you will read a number of things, see some photos of activities in which we are involved. You will see learning in action. Not only academic learning, but also learning about life, learning about our planet, learning about others and how to interact in a group in order to achieve synergy (2 heads + 2 heads = 5 heads …so this is not about Maths, but some other principles). You may see sports persons in action, where winning is not the only goal, but playing, enjoying, trying a few tricks and being the best version of yourself to support the team. You will see teachers involved with children like they would love their own children. You will often see parents involved in whatever we do - Bazaar, Entrepreneurs’ Day, Sport, Culture, or whatever. They do this, because they are part of the “PSS Family” where we all contribute to teaching and socialising with another. We take responsibility for this, because we chose this vocation, because we love children and welcome parents who love being involved with their children and their children’s friends. 

Welcome to our school and welcome to our website.

Kind regards,

Hein Daiber
School Director

School motto

'Carpe Diem' which means "Seize the day".

We pledge to support all our students to utilise the available educational opportunities to achieve optimal growth and reach their own, full potential


The Private School Swakopmund  is committed to


  • appointing well-qualified, enthusiastic and successful teachers;

  • stimulating and maintaining the curiosity of our students;

  • giving students the opportunity of sharing the accountability of their learning outcome;

  • incorporating  integral learning - 'through engagement of the body, heart, mind and soul'

  • promoting independent reasoning and social learning;

  • instilling a love for nature and the responsibility for an increasingly endangered  environment;

  • establishing sound Christian principles and values while also developing open-mindedness and tolerance to other cultures and beliefs;

  • offering international academic standards and quality education to allow our students the opportunity to enter reputable higher education institutions in Africa and abroad.

German Language Stream

The Private School Swakopmund was originally founded was to serve the German speaking community and to uphold the German language in Namibia. German and English are compulsory languages and are offered to students as both first and foreign language level. The German stream students are steadily introduced to the English medium of instruction from Grades 5 – 7.  English is the language of instruction in the High School.

English Language Stream

The English Stream was introduced in 2008. German, at appropriate academic levels is compulsory for the English stream students as of grade 1. The German and English streams are merged in High School.

PSSonline for Grade 8 & 9

PSS recognises that student’s circumstances differ in life and offers an Online solution for such needs, which is personal and flexible and in accordance with Cambridge Assessment International Examinations.

School Times

The academic year begins in January and is divided into trimesters.

A school week is from Monday to Friday. Teaching starts at 7:15


Pre-Primary (grade RR) until 13:00

Primary (grades 1-7) until 13:00

High School (grades 8-12) until 13:40.

Registration with the Ministry of Education

The Private School Swakopmund is registered and licensed to operate as the “Private School Swakopmund (PSS)” providing schooling from Grades R to Cambridge AS/A level.

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Our school song

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

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School calendar 2024

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Career guidance

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